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The Return

A ship sailed by the great Númenórean mariner Vëantur, who was Captain of the King's Ships in the time of Tar-Elendil, Númenor's fourth King. Its name comes from the Elvish for 'The Return', referring to its famous voyage eastward to Middle-earth. After nearly six hundred years, Entulessë was the first Númenórean vessel to make the journey back across the Great Sea.

According to the histories of Númenor, Vëantur sailed the ship into the harbour of the Grey Havens in the spring of II 600. Gil-galad was still King in Lindon at that time, and Vëantur remained in his land for some months. As the year turned to autumn, Entulessë set sail once again, beginning the long journey home to Númenor.

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