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Destroyed in the War of Wrath at the end of the First Age
A range running north to south, separating Lammoth and Nevrast from Hithlum
The name comes from the Great Echo of Morgoth's cries in the land of Lammoth to the west
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Echoing Hills

The western wall of Hithlum

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A range of northern mountains known in Elvish as Ered Lómin. They ran southwards down the western borders of Hithlum and Dor-lómin, and were broken halfway along their length by the entry of the Sea through the Firth of Drengist.

The Echoing Hills took their name from their proximity to Lammoth, which lay between the mountains and the Sea. Legend said that when Morgoth returned to Middle-earth, he landed in this place. Threatened by Ungoliant, he gave a great cry, and the echoes of that cry were said to live on among the hills, ready to be awakened by any loud noise made in the region. It's unclear how factually we can take the legend of the original Great Echo, but it is well established that the hills could produce powerful echoes of their own.

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