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The Echad

The Camp on Amon Rûdh

A shortened version of the name Echad i Sedryn, 'Camp of the Faithful', so 'the Echad' simply means 'the Camp'. This was the name given to the dwellings on Amon Rûdh from which Túrin and Beleg held the Land of Bow and Helm. The Echad was originally the hidden house of Mîm the Petty-dwarf, who ransomed it to Túrin and his followers. After Túrin's power grew in the region, the hidden ways to the Camp were kept a closely guarded secret and only the original company knew their way to the Echad on the hill. That secret was eventually betrayed by Mîm to the Orcs, leading to the fall of Echad i Sedryn and the capture of Túrin.

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