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Smaug occupied Erebor between III 2770 and III 2941 (171 years)
Erebor, the Lonely Mountain to the northeast of Mirkwood
Erebor is pronounced 'e'rebor'
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Dragon of Erebor

A title of Smaug

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After the Kingdom under the Mountain was refounded by Thrór, it prospered and the fame of its wealth spread far and wide. News came even to the Dragons of the North and one of these, Smaug, decided to take the wealth of Erebor for himself. Thus in III 2770, he descended on the Lonely Mountain and drove out the Dwarves that inhabited it, also laying waste the township of Dale that stood in the shadow of the Mountain. Gathering the treasure of Thrór in the Great Hall, he became known to history and legend as the Dragon of Erebor.

Nearly two hundred years later he encountered something he had not smelt before - a Hobbit out of the Shire - and soon after he found his hoard disturbed. In his rage he flew out of his holdfast, descending on Lake-town on the Long Lake. There he received a fatal arrow shot from Bard the Bowman, a descendent of the Lords of Dale, and fell into the Lake. His bones remained long in the waters as a reminder of the terrible Dragon of Erebor.

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