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Doors of Nargothrond

The entrance to Finrod's citadel

The great Doors set into the river-cliff beneath the High Faroth, also known as the Doors of Felagund, that led into the underground stronghold of Nargothrond. For much of Nargothrond's history, the Doors could only be reached by a road along the river's edge, but when Túrin came there, he arranged for the construction of a great bridge across the Narog, so that the armies of Nargothrond could pass directly out through the Doors onto the plain of Talath Dirnen.

The bridge soon came into use, as the approach of Glaurung and a host of Morgoth brought out the forces of Nargothrond to battle at the field of Tumhalad. Glaurung and his Orcs were victorious, and forced their way on southwards towards Nargothrond itself. Crossing over the bridge, Glaurung blasted the Doors of Felagund with fire, and so began the sack of one of the great Elf-kingdoms of Beleriand.

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