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A pass leading down from the southern shoulders of the Redhorn into the Dimrill Dale
Important peaks
Ran between the Redhorn to the northeast and the Silvertine to the southwest
Dimrill is pronounced 'di'mrill'
Dimrill is archaic English for 'dim streams' ('dim' in the sense of being overshadowed by the surrounding mountains); stair is presumably simply a reference to the fact that this pass led down from the mountains into the valley below
Other names
The southeastern part of the Pass of Caradhras or Redhorn Pass


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Dimrill Stair

The pass down into the Dimrill Dale

Map of the Dimrill Stair

The name given to the southeastern part of the Redhorn Pass, leading down into Nanduhirion, the Dimrill Dale. It was named the Dimrill Stair because of the sequence of waterfalls that led down into the lake of Kheled-zâram.

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