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Deer’s Leap

The chasm of Cabed-en-Aras

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A narrow chasm among the Ravines of Teiglin, translated from its Elvish name, Cabed-en-Aras. The ravine here was so narrow that a fleeing deer, it was said, could leap the chasm to escape its hunters. Túrin used the ravine for a different purpose - it was here that he crossed Teiglin and clambered up beneath the body of Glaurung, and so succeeded in slaying the dragon. Shortly afterwards, the dying monster revealed to Niënor that she had unknowingly wed her own brother, causing her to cast herself into the waters far below. After that time, the chasm's name was changed, and it was known as Cabed Naeramarth, the Leap of Dreadful Doom.



Most of the lands of Beleriand were overwhelmed by the Great Sea at the end of the First Age, but one of the few places to survive was the Stone of the Hapless, which remained above the waves as an island named Tol Morwen. The Deer's Leap was close by the Stone, so though it cannot have survived the inundation in its original form, it is possible that some part of it remained above the Sea even after the First Age's end.

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