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Dark Power of the North

Morgoth beneath Thangorodrim

A title used to describe Morgoth, after he destroyed the Two Trees and fled back to Middle-earth. There he reoccupied his ancient stronghold of Angband in the Iron Mountains to the north of Beleriand. From there he warred on the Sindarin Elves who dwelt to the south, until the returning Noldor were able to drive him back and set a siege on Angband. The Siege of Angband lasted for nearly four hundred years, but in the Dagor Bragollach Morgoth spread fire and ruin throughout the North, and from that point his power grew and spread southwards. By the closing years of the First Age, all the great Elf-kingdoms had fallen and only a handful of survivors of Elves and Men remained. Though the victory of the Dark Power of the North seemed inevitable, the sudden coming of the armies of the Valar out of the West turned that victory into defeat for Morgoth: Angband was destroyed, and Morgoth himself was thrust from the World into the Void.

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