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The first Chubb-Baggins, Falco, was born in III 2903 (1303 by the Shire-reckoning); the line came to an end with his daughter Poppy (probably around IV 23 or S.R. 1444)1
Descended from the Chubbs and the Bagginses
'Chubb' implies roundness or 'chubbiness'; 'Baggins' simply derives from 'bag'


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Chubb-Baggins Family

A branch of the Baggins of Hobbiton

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A family created by the wedding of Bilbo's uncle Bingo Baggins to Chica Chubb. It seems to have lasted just three generations; what evidence we have suggests that the last Chubb-Baggins was Bingo's grand-daughter Poppy, who married into the Bolger family.



We don't know when Poppy Chubb-Baggins died, but given a typical Hobbit lifespan it was probably in about the year IV 23. In fact the name itself probably disappeared earlier than this when she married into the Bolger clan, though we have no way of knowing exactly when that happened.

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