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Made by Aulë in ancient days
From Aulë the Maker, the Vala who created the race of the Dwarves
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Children of Aulë

The seven clans of the Dwarves

Elves and Men were an intrinsic part of Ilúvatar's plan for the World, and so were together referred to as the 'Children of Ilúvatar'. The Dwarves, though, were created independently by the Vala Aulë, and only afterwards given true life by Ilúvatar. So, that race was known in Elvish as the Aulëonnar1, translated as the 'Children of Aulë'. The Dwarves themselves had their own Dwarvish name for their maker, whom they called Mahal. Aulë also earned another Elvish name for his deed: Návatar1, which means 'Dwarf-father'.



The names Aulëonnar and Návatar only appear in a late essay reproduced in volume 12 of The History of Middle-earth. For that reason, they are not necessarily canonical.

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