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The eastern borders of Aman, probably around the location of Túna1
A result of Ilúvatar's burial of the armies of Ar-Pharazôn


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Caves of the Forgotten

The prison of Ar-Pharazôn

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In the last years of Númenor, Ar-Pharazôn its last King was seduced by Sauron, and persuaded that he had the power to take the lands of Aman from the Valar themselves. He set out with a great fleet, and led an immense army into the Calacirya, ready to do battle for the Blessed Realm.

At that time Manwë the Elder King gave up his power over the World and called on Eru Ilúvatar, who unleashed his power against the Númenóreans. Their fleets and even their island home were swept away, but the invaders of Aman were not destroyed. The hills fell on them, and they were imprisoned beneath the Earth in the Caves of the Forgotten, where they still await the ending of the World. When the day of the Last Battle comes, it is said, they will be released from their caves, though the part that they have to play in the Dagor Dagorath remains a mystery.



In the account of the Downfall of Númenor in Akallabêth, Ar-Pharazôn and his army were encamped around the hill of Túna (and therefore the city of Tirion) immediately before they were buried and entombed within the Caves of the Forgotten. This implies that the Caves lay in the Calacirya at the place where Tirion had stood upon Túna, and therefore presumably that the city (which is expressly said to have been deserted at the time) was also buried under the falling hills.

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